18th International Congress of Immunology

27 november - 2 December 2023 | Cape Town, South Africa



The IUIS 2023 sessions will showcase the latest discoveries and explore how, in practical ways around the world, they can deliver treatments to those who need them. Presentations formats will vary by session type, outlined below. All immunologists have the opportunity to shape the programme’s content by submitting research abstracts from January to May 2023.

Keynote Lectures

Keynote Lectures are the cornerstones of IUIS 2023. Twice a day, all delegates have the opportunity to hear two preeminent scientists present on their topic of expertise including Keynote Topics.

COVID-19 Vaccine Development
ER Stress and Immunity
Fighting Infection Diseases at the Global Level
HIV / TB co Infections
Inborn Errors of Immunity
Innate Sensing
Lesson from the HIV and COVID Pandemic
mRNA Vaccines
Single Cell Profiling
T Cell Checkpoint and Cancer
TB Pathogenesis
The CRISPR Revolution: Implication in Immunology Discoveries

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions bring together three diverse global experts to share their insights on the state of immunology, followed by a moderated discussion. IUIS 2023 is delighted to have plenary sessions covering Plenary topics.

Ageing and neurodegenerative disease
Autoimmunity and Allergy
Cancer immunity and Immunotherapy
COVID-19 pathophysiology treatment and prevention
Fibrosis and Type 2 Immunity in health and disease
Immunology at the tissue barrier
Malaria and TB
Systems Immunology
Therapeutic Antibodies
Vaccines & Immune Memory


Symposia are the core of each IUIS programme. These sessions delve deep into the wide range of IUIS fields of interest, intentionally grouping faculty from all corners of the globe to deliver their perspectives and experiences on wide-ranging themes such as Symposia Topics

OrganoidsAllergyAntigen Processing and PresentationEmerging TechnologyReprogramming the Immune System using Nanoparticle Delivery
MacrophagesCancer IInnate Receptor SignalingGene-editing in ImmunityVaccines for Infection and Cancer
Dendritic CellsCancer IICo-inhibitory MoleculesImaging Inflammatory LesionsCAR engineered Immune Cells
Granulocytes Regulation and FunctionImmunity to VirusesComplement ReceptorsDiagnostic Tools in ImmunologyCheckpoint Blockade
T Cell DevelopmentImmunity to Fungi and ParasitesGlycoimmunologySystem Immunology and AIAntibody Therapy
Regulatory Immune Cells and Immune RegulationImmunity to BacteriaPhagocytic Receptors Cytokine Antagonists in Therapy
NK Cells and Invariant CellsImmune Suppression and ExhaustionInflammasome and other Sensors  
Innate Lymphoid CellsInborn Errors of Immunity   
Immune Cell Trafficking and HomingAutoimmune Diseases   
immune Suppression and ExhaustionNeuroimmunology   
Tissue Resident Memory T CellsImmunometabolism   
B Cell Development and ActivationMicrobiome and Immune System   
Cell Death Immunity and InflammationMucosal Immunology   
Immunological MemoryReproductive Immunology   
 Ageing and Immunity   
 Tumor Antigen and Escape Mechanism   
 Veterinary and Comparative Immunology   

New for IUIS 2023 certain symposia will feature presentations from the inaugural group IUIS Rising Stars. Selected from an international pool of new immunology professionals, these stars’ research will be ones to keep an eye on.


Debates couple teams of speakers on opposite sides of a current controversial topic. In this participatory format, audience members will vote at the beginning and end of each session to determine which side won over the most minds.

Oral Abstracts Sessions

Oral Abstracts Sessions feature the higher-ranked abstracts submitted to the Congress with a brief presentation followed by a short discussion with the audience.

Pre-Congress Courses

Pre-Congress – Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Primer
Date: Monday, 27 November 2023
Location: CTICC Room 2.64-2.66
Time: 08:00-13:00

Pre-Congress – European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Date: Monday, 27 November 2023
Location: To be Confirmed
Time: 12:00-16:00

Registration for these courses is now open. Limited seats!