18th International Congress of Immunology

27 november - 2 December 2023 | Cape Town, South Africa




IUIS 2023 Travel Grants Programme for Africa, Low/Low-Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) in addition to all Latin American and Caribbean Countries.

The IUIS 2023 Travel Grant Programme for Africa, Low Income and Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) in addition to all Latin American and Caribbean countries was initiated to support early career scientists from Africa and other countries that face specific challenges attending the IUIS 2023 Congress in Cape Town.

Africa is a continent with a large burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases. It is essential that the next generation of exceptional African and other LMIC scientists are empowered with the skills and knowledge needed to address ongoing challenges and unmet needs.  In previous major IUIS congresses, the participation of African and LMIC scientists has been painfully low at <1% and driven primarily by cost. Our goal is to increase this representation to at least 10%.  We can empower this workforce that is so urgently needed by enabling the best scientists to participate and interact with world-class internationally renowned scientists. Given that specific challenges facing Latin American and Caribbean countries in 2023, the programme has been extended to include all these countries.

To be eligible for a travel grant, the applicant must reside in an African country or low/low-middle income country in addition to all Latin American and Caribbean Countries and be the first author of an abstract submitted to the IUIS 2023 congress.

  1. Be the first author of an abstract
  2. Reside in an African country, Low/Low-middle income country as stated in World Bank Classification and Latin American/Caribbean countries.

Please note, you will be able to apply for this travel grant during the abstract submission process only and only one travel grant application can be made per person! 

We are extremely grateful to the following individuals, organizations and companies who have generously support the participation of scientists from African countries, low income, and low middle income countries to participate in IUIS 2023 in Cape Town.