South Africa

Top 10 reasons to join us in Cape Town

Join the IUIS 2023 Congress to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of colleagues in Sub-Saharan Africa!

  • Learning from scientific leaders in immunology in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Gaining new insights from scientific leaders in TB and HIV immunology research
  • Hearing from scientific leaders in basic immunology research
  • Benefitting from the strong focus on translational immunology (small animal to human)
  • Delving into a long history of scientific breakthroughs (first heart transplant, first HIV to HIV kidney transplant, first penile transplant, first new TB vaccine)
  • Access to superb clinical and fundamental immunology teaching and research platforms
  • Collaboration with the South African Immunology Society (SAIS), a renowned education platform
  • Strong support and collaboration from other regions and content-driven from within Africa
  • Solid clinical and laboratory infrastructure
  • Strong tertiary education at three universities in the Cape Town area

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