Scientific Programme Committee

The role of the Scientific Program Committee is to ensure the highest possible value of the scientific content of the IUIS Congress, broken into specific taskforces.

Scientific Programme Committee Chair: Mark Davis

Scientific Programme Committee Co-Chair: Miriam Merad

Scientific Committee Members:

Andreas Radbruch European Federation of Immunological Societies – EFIS
Bruce Walker American Association of Immunologists
Clive Gray South African Immunology Society
Deborah Dunn-Walters British Society for Immunology
Dmitriy Chudakov Russian Society of Immunology
Dong Chen Chinese Society for Immunology
Eric Vivier Société Francaise d’Immunologie
Faith Osier IUIS President
Gabriel Rabinovich  Argentinian Society of Immunology
Henry Mwandumba Immunology Society of Malawi
Jo-Ann Flynn American Association of Immunologists
Jonny Peter South African Immunology Society
Kazuyo MORO Japanese Society for Immunology
Lucy Ochola Kenyan Society of Immunology
Mark Davis American Association of Immunologists
Melinda Suchard South African Immunology Society
Miriam Merad American Association of Immunologists
Mohamed Ridha BARBOUCHE Tunisian Society of Immunology
Pamela Ohashi Canadian Society of Immunology
Prof. Dr. Christine Falk German Society for Immunology
Prof. Dr. Sunil K Arora  Indian Immunology Society
Ricardo Gazzinelli Brazilian Society for Immunology
Rita Carsetti Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology & Allergology
Rodrigo Pacheco Asociación Chilena de Inmunología, ASOCHIN
Rosana Pelayo  Mexican Society of Immunology
Steffen Jung Israeli Society for Immunology
Susanne Heinzel Australian Society for Immunology
Sylvia Knapp Austrian Society for Allergology & Immunology
Veronique Angeli Singaporean Society for Immunology
Xuetao Cao, M.D., Ph.D. Chinese Society for Immunology